Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t written in two days– I was on the plane wpid iconsmile - Bag Reviews: Chanel FW2012 In- Store
Anyway I’m back online and today’s feature is on a Chanel bag. A backpack.

wpid chanelfw12 1 - Bag Reviews: Chanel FW2012 In- Store

I can’t quite figure out if I like it or not. I actually found the backpack cute on a little Russian girl at the airport (yes, a 6 year old girl had this same Chanel backpack– her mom had a large Balenciaga bag and her dad was carrying an LV hat box wpid iconbiggrin - Bag Reviews: Chanel FW2012 In- Store )
wpid chanelfw12 2 - Bag Reviews: Chanel FW2012 In- Store

To be honest though, the only Chanel backpack I really, really liked was from a decade ago LOL.

wpid chanelmalleries - Bag Reviews: Chanel FW2012 In- Store Photo Credit: Malleries.com

I just feel that I can no longer justify paying an astronomical amount of money for the FW2012-13 backpack. I don’t find it appropriate a bag to carry for an adult for some reason– I’m not saying that about backpacks in general, but I feel that this particular one is just too cutesy.

Another bag from the FW2012-13 that I don’t mind owning (if it weren’t for the price) is this clutch. It is a very cute piece. But come on, Chanel, what’s up with the insane prices?!?!
wpid chanelfw12 3 - Bag Reviews: Chanel FW2012 In- Store

That little Chanel pocket makes me want to rip it off (ok not too violently– I wouldn’t want to damage it haha) ?its main body to use on its own wpid iconsmile - Bag Reviews: Chanel FW2012 In- Store It’s too cute! And I think this “cute” is ok for an adult.

How about you peeps, would you buy that FW 2012-13 backpack??


Seriously, who isn’t dreaming of adding a Chanel bag to their collection? Besides the iconic quilted 2.55, classic flap or anything quilted by Chanel, we haven’t seen a bag recently that will last past 2 seasons. You just know when you meet the one bag that makes your heart purr. Chanel’s latest Mademoiselle handbag line for 2011, fronted by Gossip Girl star Blake Lively, does just that and more.

Chanel mademoiselle butterboom 2 - Chanel Mademoiselle Bag

Made from lamb leather, it is soft to the touch and this baby ups your sartorial ante in an instant with its clean, sleek look. We love the elegant contrast between the light grey leather flag bag against the classy new Mademoiselle turnlock. And it’s not a Chanel classic without the signature gold chain straps. For something more wardrobe friendly, the black stain leather version is a versatile color to match your clothes.


Oh, Selma Blair – it’s hard to keep a low profile when you’re rocking a neon red Marc Jacobs Bags. Selma looks especially snuggly in that chunky, oversized cardigan, but her outfit says “I’m desperately trying to blend in to the sidewalk”, while the bag practically screams “Hey, it’s me, Selma Blair! Remember me as an awkward, sexually adventurous teen in Cruel Intentions?” Oh, we do, Selma. We absolutely do.

wpid Selma Blair Marc Jacobs Antonia - Selma Blair brightens up with Marc Jacobs

Not to imply that Selma’s career has completely dried up, by any means (though that satchel is big enough to contain every single DVD from her entire body of work) – she’s currently starring opposite Charlie Sheen in FX’s “Anger Management.” Is anyone watching that? Is it good? Also, she’s never given up on those crazy 90′s bangs. So she still has that going for her.

wpid miranda kerr and balenciaga bag 7 2 50x50 - Selma Blair brightens up with Marc Jacobs

Over the previous few months, we’ve been gradually functioning our way via not merely the most beneficial Top Handbags collections …

wpid christina hendricks carries Salvatore Ferragamo Shoulder bag 50x50 - Selma Blair brightens up with Marc Jacobs

I am a huge Christina Hendricks fan in so, so many ways. I’m a Mad Men devotee, of course, and …

wpid spl429591003 199x300 - Amy Poehler is totally awesome in Isabel Marant sneakersI have never been a fan of the Isabel Marant Bekket Sneaker Wedges that everyone in fashion seems to love. I’ve seen them styled well, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out why someone would pay $700 for them when there’s a whole host of awesome real sneakers out there, most of which look much cooler. Spend a hundred bucks on a good pair of Nike Dunks and save the rest for something else! Anyway, rant over, you get the point – they’re not my favorite and I’m fairly sick of seeing them.

And then I saw these photos of Parks & Recreation star and all-around hilarious lady Amy Poehler wearing the Marants, and my opinion of the Bekkets was immediately lifted. Not in a huge way, but definitely a little bit; it’s funny what seeing an item you don’t love on a celebrity that you do does to your perception of both. In this case, I think Poehler is so totally awesome, so completely unimpeachable, that I have no choice but to reflect more positively on her shoes. After all, if she sees something in them, perhaps there’s something there. (Unrelated: Anyone recognize that bag?)

Bag Amy’s Isabel Marant Style via Net-a-Porter!

D:\abc\data\chanelbagsreplcia\bagthatstyle\24449 10000632 - Amy Poehler is totally awesome in Isabel Marant sneakers

wpid spl430335004 199x300 - Amy Adams keeps it basic with LongchampI wonder what percentage of fashion-interested women own or have owned a Longchamp Le Pliage Tote at some point in their lives. I’m probably one of the few who never has – on my college campus, chic girls looking to tote their books chose between Longchamp and Herve Chapelier, and I chose Chapelier for the broader shoulder straps and wider variety of color and shape options. I was in the minority, though; an incredible number of girls I knew swore by their Longchamps (usually plural) and would wear nothing else. To this date, the bags still frequently show up in Best Seller sections on major luxury retail websites. They’re just too versatile not to be popular.

In these photos, actress Amy Adams is using her Le Pliage as a baby bag for daughter Aviana. It’s lightweight, it’s often made out of dark nylon, it fits easily on the shoulder; in short, the Le Pliage is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to carry something that’s obviously meant to haul diapers.

Bag Amy’s Longchamp Style via Neiman Marcus

D:\abc\data\chanelbagsreplcia\bagthatstyle\24449 10000632 - Amy Adams keeps it basic with Longchamp

wpid spl429186007 200x300 - Jessica Alba carries both a McQueen bag and a flower arrangementMost tabloids have those “Stars: They’re Just Like Us!” features in one form or another, and it seems like these pictures of Jessica Alba struggling to carry a bouquet of flowers (or perhaps a very chic potted plant assembly? Who can tell anymore these days?) from her car to her final destination will probably end up in at least one of them this time next week. Not only that, but she’s coming from a station wagon! Jessica Alba really is just like us, if you don’t count how she’s incredibly pretty and also very rich. (Maybe some of you are also incredibly pretty and very rich, and if that’s the case, mazel tov.)

The bag Alba’s juggling is an Alexander McQueen Whipstitched Shopper, which is a sensible choice for a young mom with two little kids. It’s big, it’s neutral, it stand up well to wear and tear – Rachel Zoe even chose it has her diaper bag when she had her son. Truth be told, though, I’m also pretty curious abou the flowers that Alba’s carrying – having lots of fresh flowers in your apartment is one of the only ways to stay sane in NYC, and that looks like a mood-boosting bouquet indeed.

Bag Jessica’s Alexander McQueen Style via Neiman Marcus!

D:\abc\data\chanelbagsreplcia\bagthatstyle\24449 10000632 - Jessica Alba carries both a McQueen bag and a flower arrangement

wpid spl429373001 184x300 - Alanis Morissette hits New York with bright green BalenciagaRegular readers of BagThatStyle and PurseBlog know all about my fascination with Alanis Morissette and her unexpectedly fabulous collection of designer handbags. You wouldn’t expect someone like Morissette, who skews toward hippiedom, to have an absolutely sick closet full of the finest from Chanel, Balenciaga, Gucci and Proenza Schouler, but that’s what makes her bag habit all the more compelling for me – she’s one of us!

It’s been a little while since the paparazzi gave us an opportunity to check in with Alanis (by the looks of our photo agency’s website, they’re too busy following D-list celebrities at the beach to take pictures of any decent handbags for us – such is summer!), and now that she’s back, she’s carrying something new to her collection and just as fabulous as you’d expect, based on her track record. That’s a verdant, bold Balenciaga Papier Tote that Morissette has tucked under her arm protectively, and I can’t blame here – if I had a bag that bright, I’d want to shield it from any potential harm as well.

Bag Alanis’ Balenciaga Style via Neiman Marcus!

D:\abc\data\chanelbagsreplcia\bagthatstyle\24449 10000632 - Alanis Morissette hits New York with bright green Balenciaga

wpid spl428386021 199x300 - Kelly Osbourne proves that a neon Chanel flap bag does existThe neon trend that’s been happening for the past year has been nearly all-encompassing, so seeing a normally staid brand come out with something neon really shouldn’t surprise me. In fact, it generally doesn’t – most brands aren’t beyond a little easy trend-pushing, and color fads are adaptable to most aesthetics. Chanel, on the other hands, was perhaps the one brand I expected not to go for it, but here’s Kelly Osbourne, toting a fluoro Chanel Flap Bag.

I can’t figure out if it’s current-season or not, but no lookbooks I’ve seen from Chanel over the last year have included anything even vaguely neon, so I wonder if perhaps this bag is from a previous season. It looks a bit slouchy and worn, and Kelly Osbourne has certainly been rich for quite a while. I’m not a comprehensive Chanel expert, though, so if you know this bag’s provenance, let me know in the comments.

Bag Kelly’s Chanel Style via Chanel!

D:\abc\data\chanelbagsreplcia\bagthatstyle\24449 10000632 - Kelly Osbourne proves that a neon Chanel flap bag does exist

wpid spl429532001 199x300 - Kristin Davis carries YSL in NYCIn my never-ending (ok, it’ll end when the summer’s over and all the celebs are back to normal) quest to find someone to write about other than the Kardashians, Ecclestones and the Birkins that they buy to match their hair extensions, I bring you these photos of Kristin Davis, out for a morning walk in New York City. I still can’t think of her without thinking “Charlotte York-Goldenblatt,” and I’m sure I’m not the only one – it seems as though parts of Davis’ personality and personal style mesh well with those of her famous Sex and the City character.

I’m not sure that Charlotte would leave the house in capri sweatpants and sneakers, of course, except maybe during the episodes where Harry dumped her and she was obsessing over Elizabeth Taylor. That’s the thing about SATC, though – in real life New York, almost everyone, even reasonably rich people, leave the house in questionable ensembles for a quick morning run to Duane Reade. There’s an element of New York that you can’t escape unless you’re absolutely swimming in money, unfortunately. At the very least, Davis has her Yves Saint Laurent YSL Chyc Shoulder Bag.

Bag Kristin’s YSL Style via Saks!

D:\abc\data\chanelbagsreplcia\bagthatstyle\24449 10000632 - Kristin Davis carries YSL in NYC

wpid spl428872001 158x300 - Alexis Bellino admits to wearing a fake diamond – is her Birkin real?Do you guys watch Real Housewives of Orange County? I do, against my better judgment, and sometimes as a part of my job. I have varying amounts of contempt for all of the members of that cast in particular, but Alexis Bellino in particular rubs me the wrong way. On a show where literally everyone is fake, she somehow manages to distinguish herself as EXTRA fake. It’s a certain type of achievement, I suppose. Let’s just say that I’m not the woman’s biggest fan, despite the fact that her oafish husband does occasionally make me feel sorry for her.

One of the most fascinating things (to me) to come out of this past season of OC Housewives was that the ring Alexis wears is fake. She claims that the real one is in the safe because she is scared that someone would see it and mug her (which doesn’t explain why she wears a giant bling-y CZ that muggers will mistake for a diamond, but whatever), but based on all the rumors about the couple’s financial issues and shady past, I’m not sure I believe her. When I saw these pictures of Alexis with a big orange Hermes Birkin, I automatically wondered the same thing – what are the odds that the bag is real? I have no idea, but it wouldn’t shock me if the real Birkin was “in the safe” too.

Bag Alexis’ Hermes Style via Hermes.com!

D:\abc\data\chanelbagsreplcia\bagthatstyle\24449 10000632 - Alexis Bellino admits to wearing a fake diamond – is her Birkin real?