Those of you (ahem, us) who grew up in the generation of the Spice Girls will know who Geri Halliwell is. And for the others who don’t know her, please google her or check out the Spice Girls’ songs and music videos wpid iconsmile - Celebrity Bag: Ginger Spices Up Chanel!

Anyway, Geri aka Ginger Spice was seen out and about with her former Spice Girls pal Scary Spice (Mel B) wearing an all leather get-up, pairing with it a Chanel classic flap bag in the jumbo size.

wpid geriahalliwell 540x838 - Celebrity Bag: Ginger Spices Up Chanel!

She seems to prefer the bag in silver hardware with smooth lambskin leather over the caviar textured leather.

I still can remember this bag too well when I first laid eyes on it sometime in 1992 after spending an unbelievable amount of time poring over it on Vogue along the magazine aisle of our local supermarket while I was still in college in San Francisco. That was practically eons ago and it’s really interesting how the perception of people about Chanel has changed. Back then it was really a bag for the more mature set. These days, women, and girls of all ages want to have at least one Chanel classic flap.

The evolution of the bag’s status has been truly remarkable. So it is really a good investment piece. And Geri Halliwell really rocked hers !


wpid Kelly Osbourne Chanel 11 - Kelly Osbourne carries a curiously colored Chanel

Here’s the ever-eccentric Kelly Osbourne, looking a tad like a 90s cartoon superhero taking a personal call. (I mean that in the best way possible, Kelly. Respect.) She’s headed into The Today Show carrying a Chanel Classic Flap in a finish that we’re going to refer to as pearlized seafoam. Her dramatic eyewear comes courtesy of Alexander Wang – you can snag those same extremely angular frames for $345 at Net-A-Porter.

We’ve been combing PurseForum for clues about this specific version of the Classic Flap. Chanelophiles, can you clarify a few points for us regarding this unusual Chanel colorway? Is this in fact, the metallic patent “Aqua Green” hue offered several years ago, the patent “Aqua Green” offered during Spring 2012, or is it something else entirely? This doesn’t look like patent leather to us, but with that lighting, we can’t exactly be sure. What are your thoughts, PB readers?

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wpid Ashley Green Chanel Main - Ashley Greene carries Chanel after a workout

Twilightstar Ashley Greene was recently snapped carrying an oxblood Chanel Cerf Tote while leaving the gym in LA. (What ever happened to ye olde gym bag?) Interestingly enough, this is the same bag we spotted Joan Rivers with earlier this month, proving that Chanel works with either luxe furs or tie dye tees. (Though some of you might find the latter debatable.) Chanel bags, as you know, are only available from Chanel boutiques and high end department stores. Be sure to check out Ashley’s ridiculous calves after the jump…

readers, I must ask – do you carry your prized designer bags to the gym? And do you do it because they’re really totally practical and completely suited for every situation? Or is just another opportunity to flaunt your designer wares at an unsuspecting public? Be honest!


wpid Chanel Pre Collection Spring 2013 8 - The Bags of Chanel Spring 2013 Pre-Collection

There’s no accurate word to describe the folks in the Chanel accessories department except for “busy.” Not only does Chanel do four big collections per year like most brands of a similar stature, but each spring and fall has its own small pre-collection, which are separate from the traditional pre-fall and cruise lines. That’s a ton of bags, much to the delight of Chanel cabal of ultra-loyal customers.

Today, we’re proud to present Chanel Spring 2013 Pre-Collection for your viewing pleasure. These bags are intended to whet your whistle for the upcoming warm-weather shopping season, and with a combination of brights and pastels on classic Chanel shapes, I’d be shocked if they didn’t do just that. These bags are in stores now, so if you see something you like, contact Chanel at (800)550-0005 for price and purchasing info.

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wpid Chloe Moretz Chanel Main - Chloe Moretz attends her Sweet 16 party with a Chanel Mini Classic Flap

I think the undeniable stamp of being a truly successful teen is having Teen Vogue throw you a “Sweet 16″ birthday party. Here’s one of my faves, Chloe Moretz, carrying a cute little cream Chanel Mini Classic Flap Bag on her way to her Teen Vogue-hosted birthday shindig at Aeropostale in Times Square last week. Does anything scream 16 (in the best way possible) more than layering a leather moto jacket over a dress with tiny silk roses on it? I think not. As always, Chanel bags are available from Chanel boutiques and fine department stores only – the most recent price we could find for the Mini Flap is $2,400. (If you’ve bought one recently and paid more, please share!)

We just spotted Chloe Moretz in Paris a few weeks ago attending the Dior runway show with a Dior bag in tow (of course). Such refined (and expensive) taste in bags at such a young age! At that age, we were shopping at Forever 21 and, well, Aeropostale. We wouldn’t even judge you if you were, Chloe.

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wpid Bar Rafaeli Chanel - Bar Rafaeli totes a fluffy Chanel satchel

Bar Rafaeli, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl and star of that DISGUSTING Super Bowl commercial, was recently spotted shopping on Robertson Boulevard in LA, carrying a puffed lambskin Chanel Coco Cocoon Satchel. This bag has been retired by Chanel, but since it’s basically the designer bag equivalent of a puffy ski vest, I can’t help thinking that maybe that’s a good thing. (Though I’m certain puffy ski vests will have their day once again, and subsequently, the Cocoon Satchel will get a nice reissue.)

Of all the luxury leathers out there, I find “puffed lambskin” to be one of the most curious, mainly because it sort of sounds like the wearable biproduct of a kebab stand. But if it’s good enough for Bar Rafaeli, it’s probably good enough for the rest of us, right? (I’ll just continue to try to avoid thinking of helium-inflated baby lambs when I touch it.)

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wpid Nicky Hilton Carry Celine Trapeze Bag In 2013 - Nicky Hilton Carry Celine Trapeze Bag In 2013

Nicky Hilton’s Celine Trapeze bag is such utter perfection that if we had to pick only one black bag to ever have, this one may just have to be it. The clean cut surface on the front with the whimsical flaps protruding on the sides make it classic and elegantly quirky. It’s the type of bag that’s never going to look out of style.

The metal clasp in the front is the cherry on top for this bag. The lack of frills, trims and complementing colors means this bag was designed so well that it can carry its own without having to call for backup. Our New Year’s resolution is to get our hands on this baby, how about you?

wpid Rosie Huntington Whitely Carries 2012 Celine Bag 6 21 50x50 - Nicky Hilton Carry Celine Trapeze Bag In 2013

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wpid Miranda Kerr Miu Miu Bag - Miranda Kerr carry her old favorite Miu Miu Bags

Here’s the infallibly fashionable Miranda Kerr bopping around in Los Feliz, CA, carrying a Miu Miu Madras Crossbody Bag. She’s had this bag in rotation for a while, as you can see in our “The Many Bags of Miranda Kerr”. She’s owned it for so long, in fact, that you can’t find it in stores – but here’s a smaller version at Bergdorf Goodman for $1295.

We’ve already established through extensive photographic evidence on both PurseBlog and TalkShoes that every time Miranda Kerr leaves the house, she looks flawless – perfectly outfitted and styled to the point that it makes me slightly angry. But she does seem a little more human when I realize, like all of us, she has her wardrobe favorites. Now if she’d only ever have less-than-perfect hair, we could almost be chums.

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wpid Michelle Monaghan Coach Bags - Michelle Monaghan Carries Coach Bags

One of my favorite movies of all time is Made of Honor. Yes, it seems like a predictable chick filck, and while that’s not entirely incorrect, it’s also incredibly sweet and fun. Anytime it comes on TV I watch it, and I may or may not own the DVD and pop it in every few weeks. Just sayin’.

Watching Made of Honor, I fell in love with Michelle Monaghan. She’s a great actress and a natural beauty. She stays out of the limelight for the most part, but of course she’s spotted here and there and the paparazzi enjoy photographing her. Over the weekend, she took her adorable daughter to the ever famous Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in Los Angeles, and it seems that she and every other celebrity had the same idea for their kiddos. I love that Michelle stayed down to Earth with her bag choice, a beautiful Coach Legacy Leather Duffle Bags.

wpid Kim Kardashian with Fashion Chanel Handbags 5 16 50x50 - Michelle Monaghan Carries Coach Bags

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wpid Phillip Lim 31 Hour Bag 50x50 - Michelle Monaghan Carries Coach Bags

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wpid 116 50x50 - Michelle Monaghan Carries Coach Bags

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