Chanel 2.55 Classic Chains bag is not only the dream of many girls, but also of many stars. The bag was named as its birthday in February 1955. Gold chain belt, Chanel handbags lozenge ..its classic legend already known worldwide, and continues won the women’s favor. It is the women with jewelry in the star of the election, the perfect blend of visual appeal and practicality, as well as innovation and tradition, the history of half a century has become a symbol of quality. Today, the streets of Paris are still popular with the Chanel 2.55 chain bag, with more new rich color and texture of the classic.

SAINT LAURENT Small Cassandre Leather Bag With Tassel Pink
SAINT LAURENT Small Cassandre Leather Bag With Tassel Red
dfsfdsft45343 - Chanel 2.55 & SAINT LAURENT Small Cassandre Leather Bag
SAINT LAURENT Small Cassandre Leather Bag With Tassel Rosy red
fdadf54543543df - Chanel 2.55 & SAINT LAURENT Small Cassandre Leather Bag

Khloe Kardashian is acquiring quite an impressive collection of Celine bags – here she is carrying a pale yellow Celine Luggage Tote after leaving a business meeting with sister Kim and momager Kris. Earlier this year we spotted her on the sidelines of a Clippers game with a very enviable python flap Celine trapeze bag. Celine bags are only available from Celine boutiques and high-end department stores – a source of continuous irritation to bag lovers everywhere.

Khloe may want to cool it on the bag-buying for the time-being – as you’ve probably heard, Khloe and Lamar have received some flack recently for reportedly not donating a single penny of the millions of dollar’s they’ve raised for Lamar’s charity Cathy’s Kids to cancer research, one of the main causes the charity was originally intended to support.

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Karl Lagerfeld has designed a chic Chanel bag for beach lovers. The limited edition beach tote bag is made of terry towel and includes a reversible straw mat. It is exclusively offered  at the Chanel pop-up store in Saint Tropez.

The bag retails for$300. The tote is made of terry cloth with leather trim.

Chanel Limited Edition St  Tropez Bag - Chanel Limited Edition St. Tropez Beach Bag Replica

Aside from Kristen Stewart, recording artist Rihanna was also present at the Chanel Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2013-2014 show in Paris, France. Rihanna was taking a break from her Diamonds World Tour, as she sat front row with Baz Luhrman, Natalia Vodianova and Chanel head designer, Karl Lagerfeld. She was showing off her chest tattoo with her plunging silky cardigan from Chanel Resort 2014. She accessorized herself with layers of pearl necklaces, beige bumps with black cap toe and a cream quilted vanity case bag with chain, also from Chanel Resort 2014 Collection.

Rihanna with Chanel Resort 2014 Vanity Case Bag 1 - Chanel Resort 2014 Vanity Case Bag replica

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CHANEL has always been traditional, however ,with Karl Lagerfeld’s designs it has become very fun. After the introduced handbags “hula hoop”,Lafayette come into sight in order to foil the plaid jacket, unbelivable,they were designed as several plastic blocks. EGO’s style is quite simple, eye-catching double-C logo gives the feeling of childlike cute!

Chanel Lego Clutch Pink
fdafdsfarwerw  - Chanel lego on sale

Thanks to the updated versions of the 2.55 handbag, Coco’s spirit lives on. The little pretty bags mean the ture tide of fashion. Portero is the premier destination for authentic pre-owned and vintage Chanel handbags, jewelry and accessories.
Chanel 2012 Chamois Leather Large Size Bowling Bag Black(Silver


30 94179 - Chanel Mini COCO - Let's enjoy the fashion
Chanel Caviar Medium Double Flap Bag Apricot(Golden Hardware)
15 31578 - Chanel Mini COCO - Let's enjoy the fashion
Chanel Caviar Leather Medium Double flap Bag(Pink&Silver hardware)
9 67600 - Chanel Mini COCO - Let's enjoy the fashion

It could be early days yet, but not sharing these upcoming beauties from Chanel would have been a greater crime. From the early F/W13 collection (also known as Pre-Fall 2013) is a Boy Chanel WOC, as well as Boy Chanel Clutch Pochette.

First up, the Boy Chanel WOC, which if I’m not wrong, is also the first time it’s available in velvet, and in stunning Navy Blue, no less. Rounding up the WOC is gorgeous burnished silver hardware on the chain sling and the clasp, which should have many of you hyperventilating with joy. Or ecstatic with glee, whichever you prefer.

Another new shape is the Boy Clutch Pochette, basically a longish east-west beauty in light pink fur and leather. A move in the right direction as far as the shape is concerned, it will be another welcome addition (I can already see ladies ditching their usual clutches for this at their next society fête) for those enamoured with all things Boy.

Tell me, are these love for you as well?

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If you attended an American college in the last decade or so, then you’ve probably had a Longchamp bag in your life at some point. Even if you didn’t own one (I never had the urge), you probably knew a slew of girls who swore by theirs as a constant companion during time on campus. Plenty of ladies have graduated their Longchamp nylon totes into utilitarian post-collegiate work-wear as well, but until today, I had no idea that the company also made men’s bags.

I suppose the Longchamp Boxford Travel bag may not technically be a men’s bag; it’s listed as a travel option, after all, and those tend to be unisex. Bloomingdale’s considers it a member of the store’s men’s department, though, so I’m going to go with it. As it turns out, I was simply ignorant of the entire line, which includes leather briefcases and messenger bags as well. The things you learn from the Googles.

Of them all, though, I’m still particularly fond of this carryall. You can clearly see the signature Longchamp styling in it, but it’s been taken in a sturdier, more masculine direction. I could see both men and women using this bag proudly on a weekend adventure, and perhaps if you’re lucky, you’ll have one in your future.

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